B4SI is the global standard in measuring and managing a company's social impact.

The B4SI Framework is a robust measurement standard that any company can apply to understand the difference their contributions make to business and society. The businesses using B4SI are from some of the world’s leading organisations and are part of a global B4SI Network.

Our Vision

A world where every business measures its social impact and shares this in an open, transparent and consistent way.

Our Mission

To provide a common standard for companies to measure and manage their social impact, and a platform to learn together how to maximise their impact.

Our Achievements

On average, companies in the B4SI Network invested more than $13.8 million in social causes, helping more than 55 million people in the last reporting year.

B4SI, Driven by its Members

Businesses sit on the B4SI Steering Group, which works with Corporate Citizenship to oversee the B4SI Framework and set the agenda for the activities of the network.







B4SI was created by and for business.

LBG is the fundamental tool for strategic decisions on community investment providing the base for defining priority areas and budget allocations.

Eduardo Moura

Sustainability Director, Energias de Portugal
LBG allows us to quantify our contribution into an easily digestible format for different audiences. For example, our LBG data feeds into our annual reports, is published on our website and used to promote our community work on social media.

Janet Liu

Corporate Sustainability and Community Manager at ANZ
We only manage what we measure. For us, using LBG was the corner stone to evaluate objectively our investment in the community.

Sandra Aparício

Head of Environment and Sustainability from GALP
The LBG framework allows Myer to measure and track our corporate community investment in a focused and methodical way. Through LBG, our community investment has become quantifiable, feeding into our strategic planning and better equipping us to meet our community program objectives.

Kate Driessen

Community Relations Advisor, Myer
LBG allows us to put in place similar metrics across the business so that we can look at how our programs are really driving value and ensure that we are collecting data as robustly as we can be.

Fiona Quinlan

Corporate Citizenship Manager, Centrica
…our membership has proved to be invaluable. When we came on board the LBG team provided expertise and guidance to help us embed measurement systems and better manage and evaluate our community programs and strategic partnerships.>

Brooke Pettit

Community & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Foxtel
We joined LBG to understand what other companies are doing and how we compare, positioning us to improve our community programs and how we measure them.

Abi Price

Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, ‎Hitachi Europe
Using the LBG model gives confidence to our key stakeholders that we are using a robust, globally, recognised framework to report on community and that critically, we are measuring the impact of what we do. Because of the many tangible benefits, we have been part of LBG for over ten years.

Emili Budell-Rhodes

Community Manager, RELX Group
We can really compare results, not just internal parts of Siemens, but other companies as well. This allows us to benchmark better and improve our activities.

Olivia Whitlam

Corporate Citizenship Manager, Siemens

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