The B4SI Framework

The B4SI Framework is a robust measurement standard that any company can apply to understand the difference their contributions make to their business and society. It does this by enabling companies to measure their activities through the three pillars of the Framework: Inputs, Outputs and Impacts.

The B4SI Framework offers companies a consistent and credible approach to measurement which enables them to benchmark against others and strategically assess their community programmes. It also offers companies the opportunity to identify the business benefits of social impact activities, such as enhanced brand value or improved employee retention.

The B4SI Framework has traditionally centred on the measurement of social impact activities, as companies shifted their focus from simply donating money to strategically investing in their community. Increasingly however, many businesses are looking for ways to diversify their impact, and the B4SI Framework helps them do this by measuring Business Investment for Societal Impact, an extension of the Framework developed by over 30 leading companies.

The B4SI Framework is flexible.

It can be applied at a pace that works for your business.

Choose what parts to use.

Apply it at your own pace.

Big or small, your business can use B4SI.