B4SI Benchmark

All companies in the Network submit their data annually to the B4SI Global Benchmark. This provides unique insight into global trends in community investment and into the efforts of the Network as a whole.

A full database with each individual company’s data is available to companies in the Network as a management tool to assess performance and inform data-based decision making

The B4SI Network is committed to creating a positive social impact in communities across the globe. Here is a snapshot of their achievements in 2021

Maximizing the effectiveness of contributions


contributions driven by strategic investment

Making a difference to people’s lives

total beneficiaries reached

Creating opportunities for employees

hours volunteered in paid-time

Achieving tangible impacts across society


businesses undertaking impact measurement


In managing community involvement, we apply the same rigour as in other aspects of our business. This is why we use the B4SI Framework to measure our charitable contributions (cash, time and in kind) and ask B4SI to assure our use of the reporting methodology. It helps ensure we are reporting our charitable contributions accurately and provides learnings to continually improve management of our community investment.”

Alexis Steadman, Global Community Manager, RELX


The B4SI assurance process was thorough and enabled us to report our first year of data using the framework with confidence. The management report and subsequent dialogue with our account manager gave us clarity on how to expand and align our impact capture across our three strategic themes."

Donna Hunt, Senior Specialist Social Impact, Coventry Building Society