Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) is a network of companies committed to measuring and maximising their social impact in line with B4SI’s industry-leading Social Impact Frameworks.

From its very origins, B4SI has always been led by the needs and interests of businesses. In return, businesses in our network agree to adhere to a Charter that underpins our values.

Regional Steering Groups

A Steering Group in each region is trusted to identify material issues, guide discussion and development, and provide a steer on operational and strategic thinking related to the Frameworks on behalf of the entire B4SI network.

The Steering Group is comprised of approximately 8-15 companies in each region and represents a variety of industries and sectors within the network. Membership of Steering Groups is open to all B4SI companies and Steering Group members serve for a fixed term of office, normally two years.

The function of the Steering Group, with the support of Corporate Citizenship as facilitators and coordinators of B4SI, is to:


  • Act on behalf of the entire network to maintain and enhance quality in applying the B4SI Frameworks
  • Ensure that the B4SI offering maximises value for network companies
  • Input into the external communications strategy for B4SI
  • Ensure that member services, including events and the website, are meeting the needs of members
  • Hold preparatory discussions and provide guidance on issues to be decided at plenary meetings
  • Provide a steer on operational and strategic matters that do not need full plenary group consideration, such as initiating new areas of work.

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I really value the peer network, and love the annual conference for inspiration and ideas. I take a huge amount from the sessions and appreciate the chance to talk openly with others working in the same space.”

Sarah D’arcy, Sustainability Team Manager, Anglican Water Services Limited