Join the Network

B4SI gives you the tools, network and expert support to make the most of your social impact activities.

The benefits of joining

Inform Strategy 

Measure to manage. 

Using B4SI to measure your social impact activities will give you the information to make informed decisions about your activities. Know how much you give to long-term partnerships vs ad-hoc donations or how your contributions are split across key issues or geographies. 

Businesses use B4SI metrics to perform strategic reviews, optimise their programmes and monitor performance and delivery of objectives. 

Simplify Measurement

Know what to measure, and how. 

B4SI helps you to measure your social impact activities in a rigorous and credible manner. Built by business, for business – B4SI lists out the potential metrics you can measure, with guidance about how to calculate figures and recognised by leading indices such as S&P’s Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

Connect With Companies

Continuous learning is essential. 

Facing a challenge within your social impact activities? We’re also certain one of the businesses in the B4SI Network have faced it too. We provide a forum for you to connect and learn from your peers, so that you can make a difference within your organisation. B4SI gives you access to the combined knowledge and experience of over 160 responsible business practitioners across the globe. 

Create Best Practice 

Social impact is an evolving space. 

Companies who use the Framework can target their efforts on issues material to their business, can utilise skilled volunteering to deliver HR programmes, make more informed decisions about how to better innovate their products and services, as well as work with the wider network to explore hot topics and identify best practice. 

You will have access to: 

Expert Support

A dedicated account manager to answer queries and ensure you make the most of the B4SI Framework

7.5 hours (Annually) of expert support to help apply the B4SI Framework.


Data collection tools to record and analyse your data 

Impact measurement tools to help you identify and measure the impacts of your activities.

Annual Benchmark Data

Benchmarking results from over 160 businesses to see how much and where others invest and create an impact 

A tailored insight report that shows your business performance against others 

Our Global Network

Events, webinars and practical workshops that provide you with the opportunity to connect with peers to learn best practice

Use of the B4SI logo in communications to show alignment to the standard.


B4SI allows us to quantify our contribution into an easily digestible format for different audiences. For example, our B4SI data feeds into our annual reports, is published on our website and used to promote our community work on social media."

Janet Liu. Senior Manager Financial Inclusion and Community Engagement, ANZ.


We only manage what we measure. For us, using B4SI was the corner stone to evaluate objectively our investment in the community."

Sandra Aparício. Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, GALP.


We can really compare results, not just internal parts of Siemens, but other companies as well. This allows us to benchmark better and improve our activities."

Olivia Whitlam. Head of Sustainability, Siemens plc.


B4SI is an extremely supportive network that strives to understand individual business needs to help create and develop meaningful responsible business strategy which can be embedded into wider company objectives."

Vicki Fry. Social Impact Manager, Unite Students.


Sage really values the relationship and partnership we have with B4SI – through their help with are able to really assess and improve the impact Sage Foundation is having. Allowing us also to communicate to our colleagues and communities the work we are doing."

Rebecca Lennox. Regional Operations Foundation Director, Sage.


The B4SI Frameworks support our work, and enables us to accurately measure what we're giving, in a way that is generic across our whole business. It also enables us to work with our partners to measure the impact of the money that were able to give on the volunteering and support."

Alexis Steadman, Global Community Manager. RELX


We’ve used the Framework for many years to drive consistence in our reporting."

Neil Jones, Senior CSR Manager, Corporate Responsibility, Walgreens Boots Alliance


We’re active in over 80 countries, with many partners around the world and by becoming members of B4SI we have been better equipped to measure our impact and report it. We expect to benchmark with peer companies to learn from their practices and potentially find areas where we might be able to cooperate."

Andrea Acerbi, Head of Social Innovation and Corporate Giving, Bayer


I’m passionate about the B4SI Framework’s use as a tool when starting new partnerships with charities. This tool can be used not only in a retrospective way but also proactively when developing achievable outcomes and strategies with new partnerships."

Steve Grimmett, Head of Zurich Community Trust


I really value the peer network, and love the annual conference for inspiration and ideas. I take a huge amount from the sessions and appreciate the chance to talk openly with others working in the same space."

Sarah D’Arcy, Sustainability Team Manager, Anglian Water Services Limited