Additional Services

Data Assurance and Verification

A third party expert assessment confirming the accuracy and completeness of a company’s social impact data in accordance with the B4SI Framework and Standards. This allows companies to report externally with confidence, including a signed statement of assurance.

An opportunity to engage and upskill data gathering teams and improve data consistency and quality across the company. This allows for the identification of gaps and areas for development to have more robust and complete data for future reporting cycles.

Minimise risk of over reporting social impact externally with a public Assurance or Verification Statement signed by B4SI, that can be incorporated into existing auditing processes.

Learn how to improve and further develop measurement and framework application, with actionable recommendations.


The Global B4SI team offers a range of social impact data validation services. Depending on the unique requirements of companies, B4SI works closely with practitioners to tailor a service that meets specific needs, ranging from comprehensive data assurance or verification processes to a simple data ‘health check’, focusing efforts on actionable recommendations and areas of risk.

    Benefits & Outcomes


    Third party validation of social investment and impact data for external reporting and auditing purposes with a public Assurance/ Verification Statement.


    Delivery of a comprehensive management report containing recommendations for improvement across all areas of the B4SI framework and its application, including data collection, data quality, opportunities for improved data capture and stakeholder engagement, and recommended improvements to strategy, action planning and management processes.


    Data is ready for submission to the B4SI Global Benchmark, increasing the value that can be derived from the benchmark report contents.

    Report with confidence and improve your social impact data management and measurement.


    In managing community involvement, we apply the same rigour as in other aspects of our business. This is why we use the B4SI Framework to measure our charitable contributions (cash, time and in kind) and ask B4SI to assure our use of the reporting methodology. It helps ensure we are reporting our charitable contributions accurately and provides learnings to continually improve management of our community investment.”

    Alexis Steadman, Global Community Manager, RELX


    The B4SI assurance process was thorough and enabled us to report our first year of data using the framework with confidence. The management report and subsequent dialogue with our account manager gave us clarity on how to expand and align our impact capture across our three strategic themes."

    Donna Hunt, Senior Specialist Social Impact, Coventry Building Society