Additional Services

Data Collection Support

The B4SI Team guides and supports companies with the collation of relevant data sets that correlate to an organisation’s overall social impact program activity. This can include training, reviewing existing data, making suggestions to improve data capture and quality and providing aggregated totals to be used in external reports.

Companies can also access bespoke support in the design and set up of data collection processes, including the development of tools and review of policies and responsibilities.

Maximise internal team resources by involving B4SI in the upskilling and providing expert guidance relating to optimal annual data collection processes.

Ensure robust data is collected in line with the B4SI Framework.

Improve internal processes through expert advice and recommendations.


This support can include what is most relevant to each company, including:

    • Training internal and external data owners.
    • Designing bespoke tools and processes or adapting existing ones for company-wide data collection in line with the B4SI Framework.
    • Reviewing the data collected in line with latest B4SI guidance and resources.
    • Providing aggregate totals for external reporting.

Benefits & Outcomes


Have robust data to report externally and to the B4SI Benchmark.


Learnings and recommendations for future improvement of internal data collection, data quality and data management processes.

Get your company-wide data ready for managing and reporting your social impact.