Additional Services

Impact Framework Development

The development of a bespoke impact framework aligned to B4SI reporting standards including guidance for internal teams to apply impact measurement and bespoke data collection tools.

Practical impact measurement: Access practitioner developed tools and frameworks.

Demonstrate impact: Communicate the results of your initiatives with internal and external stakeholders.

Engage employees: Increase employee retention and satisfaction.


The B4SI Impact Framework can be adapted to each company’s specific strategy and language. We support companies with the creation of a bespoke framework, data collection tools and guidance relevant to them. Companies who don’t need to adapt the B4SI Framework can access support in impact measurement through Impact Toolkit application and Impact Training.

    Benefits & Outcomes


    Impact reporting benefits: transparency and credibility among stakeholders, enhanced reputation, effective change communication, informed decision making, reinforcing company culture, alignment with global standards.


    Access practical and applicable frameworks, tools, and guidance specific to each company including all necessary resources needed to undertake impact measurement—access a roadmap for impact measurement and reporting.


    Simplify impact measurement and align current data practice to B4SI Framework.


    Support engagement with charity partners and employees.


    Simplifies impact measurement.


    Know how to create, capture, and report your social impact