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Member spotlight: DP World

DP World discusses their journey with LBG since joining in 2014 and how it influenced developing their community programme.

1. Understand what your company is already doing:  The community programme data we collected the year we joined LBG revealed we were investing in a wide variety of social issues, but 20% was going to education-related activities.  This highlighted the opportunity for us to develop a strategic, focused Global Education Programme that could be rolled out across the 40 countries in which we operate.

2. Research and develop a strategic subject focus:  Working with a specialist education agency, we developed an education programme which also focused on key aspects of our business.   We linked educational needs where we operate to the lack of skilled employees available in maritime, trade and logistics and conducted a survey to understand local attitudes towards these sectors.  Integrating the findings into our community programme, it raises awareness of these industries and career opportunities, whilst developing our future talent pipeline.  By 2020, we aim to reach 34,000 8-14 year olds, improving their skills, aspirations and confidence.

3. Engage employees in skilled volunteering:  The data collected through LBG in 2014 also highlighted the need to increase employee engagement. The Global Education Programme is designed to be easily deliverable as a part of employees volunteering leave, whatever their role, experience or location. This has increased employee involvement with positive impact for the business.

4. Measure the results:  Through LBG, we have continued to measure the inputs, outputs and impacts of our community programme, and have been able to track and manage the increased investment in education which has risen to 39% as a result of our new strategy. By building impact measurement into the Global Education Programme, we’ve been able to measure and report impact for the first time on the children and organisations we work with and on employee volunteers.

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