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Key insights from 2019 LBG Conference in Melbourne

The program for the 2019 LBG Conference included a mixture of panel discussions, updates, Social Impact Stories, interactive sessions and keynotes.

Thank you to Suncorp for hosting this year’s conference.

These are our key takeaways from each of the sessions:

  • “I don’t think we should talk about just trust anymore; we should talk about being ‘trustworthy’” – Sara Parrott, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Suncorp Group

  • “In 2019, LBG contributions reached more than $1.6 (USD) billion” – Jennifer Saunders, Associate Director, Corporate Citizenship
  • “The State of CCI Survey revealed greater alignment with SDGs moving from 51% in 2017 to 91% in 2019” – Tara James, Senior Consultant, Corporate Citizenship

  • “LBG is moving beyond a reporting tool to become a management tool” – Simon Robinson, LBG Director, Corporate Citizenship

  • “We are pursuing the opportunity for greater collaboration for LBG & UNGCNA working together – Kylie Porter, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Australia
  • “The questions we should ask Boards are things like: Do you have enough diversity in the room to make decisions? What are our blind spots before we make this decision?” – Professor Kristy Muir, CEO, Centre for Social Impact
  • “We don’t have one social license and one group of stakeholders, we have multiple” – Dawn Baggaley, Head of Sustainability, NZ Post

  • “We (Optus) are not just about selling phones and plans, but how to be a purposeful organisation, how do we add value to our customers’ lives, being purpose driven is a focus” – Helen Maisano, Director, Group Sustainability, Optus
  • “The key to success is empowering your people” – Louisa Scott, Sustainability Coordinator, Mirvac

  • “This year we launched a Group CSR strategy, which recognises everything has impact on our people, profit and planet” – Susan Mizrahi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Australia Post
  • “AI is being designed around us, make sure you have a voice” – Kath Leong, Impact Strategist, Spark Beyond

  • “Procurement is a repository of power, to fix the problems of the first industrial revolution” – Justin Dillon, Founder & CEO, FRDM

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