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Impact of Covid-19: A story of resilience and renewed commitment

Overnight our world has been upended by Covid-19. Our priorities have shifted to protect public health. Business has manoeuvred to protect employees and to support customers. Now, as businesses enter their recovery phase, leading companies recognise that their actions during the crisis and decisions coming out of it, will determine their future value and credibility.

As a global consultancy, we are well placed to see common trends in terms of how businesses are responding. This is a snapshot of how some of our clients have been coping, and their strategic direction for recovery. It reflects the views of a range of clients, across multiple sectors, about what Covid-19 has meant for their business: the immediate response; the impact on their climate and environmental strategy, and their thoughts on the impact on ESG investors and funds’ performance going forward. The findings give hope. They build to a story of not only doing what’s best in the immediate aftermath, but encouragingly, of how much business is looking to change for the better. Far from taking the short-term, prudent course of action, the overwhelming feedback is of resilience and renewed commitment, to accelerate towards an economy and society that are more inclusive, fair and protective of our natural resources.

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Source: CC Social Impact Feed

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