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Learning to Drive Social Impact – From a manual or a qualified instructor?

Social Impact.

The ‘S’ in ESG and now a driver accelerating the sustainability agenda globally.

But have you got your driver’s permit?  Do you know your way around the frameworks out there?  Can you measure your journey? Are you confident you can reach your destination without crashing?

Trying to use a Framework like LBG, to manage & measure your social impact strategy, without guidance.  Well it’s like learning to drive a car from a manual.  And the consequences can be just as hazardous.

Imagine, you’re in charge of driving your company’s mission to deliver social impact. You have your map, and you’ve been given the responsibility to pick the car.

So you don’t just need any car, you need an industry leader. One that can be used around the world.  You need excellence and reliability. So, having done your research and visited several dealerships, you find the one.

You can just sense the quality engineering that’s been built up over years of experience. The feel of the leather on the steering wheel is irresistible. This one’s got all the gadgets you could possibly dream of. It’s most definitely the right one for you.

So here’s the conundrum:

  1. Commit to the car for your journey and download the manual. Sit into the driving seat, but no instructor or driving lessons and certainly no GPS. Mental images of screeching tires and rising smoke slowly drift into your mind…
  2. Commit to the car for your journey and pay an annual subscription fee. Think of it like ‘The F1 Package’. A personal driving instructor and mechanic, a detailed manual and GPS system, even comprehensive insurance!

Remember. YOU are the one driving your company’s social impact. Which deal do you choose? Are you willing to get behind the wheel without a lesson? Can your boss trust you to pass your test and not crash the car?

LBG Membership – the service which provides you with all the tools to manage your social impact – IS your F1 Package. A globally recognised Framework, dedicated consulting support, access to a network of professionals sharing lessons in best-practice, conferences and sector congregations and much, much more.

Companies choosing B are the standout companies, the industry leaders in global indices. The ones that score highest year-in, year-out on DJSI.  The ones that report cool and confidently to stakeholders in their messaging. They don’t have to worry about the reputational costs of something happening to their car, because they know they’ve got 25 years of excellence & expertise under the hood.

So, wherever you are in your journey, take a good look at your car and your manual.

Ask yourself: are you really going to pass that test?   

Source: CC News Feed

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