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SAGE Foundation: Coming Together in Times of Crisis

We asked Rebecca Lennox for her thoughts on how LBG has helped SAGE in the midst of the global pandemic, and why companies should come together in times of crisis. She said:

“Sage really values the relationship and partnership we have with LBG – through their help with are able to really assess and improve the impact Sage Foundation is having. Allowing us also to communicate to our colleagues and communities the work we are doing.

“More recently, the LBG Network has been invaluable, especially since the start of Covid-19, as it has allowed us to come together with other corporates to learn from one another as we all navigate our way through these unprecedented times. The webinars they have provided are such good events with insightful information and relevant guest speakers from a range of corporate backgrounds. We have also lucky enough to present and share our response to Covid-19 through the work we have been going at Sage Foundation, on one of the webinars.

“Given the philanthropic world is  having to change and respond to what we know now as the ‘new normal’, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LBG, to help build and assess your impact but also a place to come together and learn from others.”

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