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Unite Students & LBG: Listening to Vicki Fry

This month, LBG spoke with Vicki Fry, Social Impact Manager at Unite Students, a property management company listed on the FTSE 250. Here’s how their membership of LBG has helped the company achieve its goals, as well as helping the team grow and learn about social impact.

What does LBG mean to your company?

LBG is an extremely supportive network that strives to understand individual business needs, and to help create and develop meaningful responsible business strategy which can be embedded into wider company objectives.

How has the LBG helped you and your business?

The LBG framework has really helped develop my understanding of impact measurement and as a result has really refined the business asks I put to our charity partners in terms of data collection and reporting. This has enhanced the relationships with our partners and made my role easier with regards to data capturing as I can now be more strategic with how we report monthly, which feeds into our yearly reporting.

What is the value in the LBG Network?

The LBG network is a great way to connect and share best practice with likeminded companies striving to do business responsibly. A particular highlight for me is the diversity of businesses that our celebrated and showcased from a best practice perspective. Webinars and forums have a mix of various stakeholders and industry professionals to ensure there is a wide range of opinions, information and discussion.  I’d like to highlight the extremely useful and well managed webinars that have been made available throughout the Covid-19 crisis. This content has been relevant and engaging and helped me personally to enforce best practice within our business as well as creating a sense of togetherness through such an uncertain period. I would highly recommend LBG membership to anyone looking to inform their responsible business agenda with more strategy or anyone looking for new ideas, support and guidance on how to take things to the next level.

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