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2020 LBG Annual Conference – Understanding the ‘S’ in ESG

As the challenges of 2020 – from natural disasters to a global pandemic – continue to highlight the importance of the ‘S’ in ESG, the evolution of LBG is timely.  This year, the global LBG Network convenes for the final time as we transition to a new name ‘Business for Societal Impact’ – reflecting our renewed mission in supporting companies to enhance their impact.

Which is why on Wednesday, 25th of Novemer and Wednesday, 2nd of December 2020 our LBG team provided the opportunity to reflect on social impact progress around the world with the presence of practitioner insights from companies as diverse as Sage, Refinitiv, Siemens, Experian, EDP, ANZ and Australia Post and a keynote address by investor analysts S&P Global.

Event 1: Understanding the ‘S’ in ESG: Social Impact in Action

Event 2: A Global Community: from Measurement to Management

Source: CC News Feed

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