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In conversation with APAC Co-Chair Gemma Rapson

This month, Gemma Rapson provides an insight into her role as Co-Chair of the APAC B4SI Steering Group, the recent developments within B4SI as well as her aspirations for social impact.

How has Business for Societal Impact evolved during your time on the Steering Committee

Aside from the obvious name change, B4SI has continued to evolve, listen to members and break new ground with the launch of new impact measurement frameworks; Business Innovation for Social Impact and Procurement for Social Impact. It doesn’t matter how mature an organisation’s approach is to social impact, you need to start somewhere and B4SI has a framework to suit all levels. There are so many ways that organisations can maximise their value to society and B4SI has continued to lift the bar on best practice.

How does Woodside use the data and insights from the Business for Societal Impact process?

At Woodside we value the efficient and transparent approach to social contribution verification provided by the Business for Societal Impact framework. This data becomes incredibly valuable for our business each year, used across internal and external reporting obligations. Of particular benefit is demonstrating the independent approach to verification and how this supports sustainability reporting. Annually, the global insights keep us in check and on track to strive towards a best practice approach to social contribution and measurement. I enjoy how B4SI continues to push the boundaries for Corporates, and now as Co-Chair I see my role as leading a best practice approach through my work at Woodside.

What aspirations do you have for the social impact community in 2021?

Measurement is my mantra for 2021. This should be intrinsically linked back to the purpose of any strategy or social performance framework. I’d encourage businesses to start small if this is new territory, implement simple tools like those offered by B4SI and start telling your story. Those impacts have a shared benefit for your business and not-for-profit partner organisation.

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