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Worker Health & Wellbeing: A Material Sustainability Issue for Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust business practices that impact worker health into the spotlight. Health and well-being has become an established material sustainability issue for companies worldwide, and going forward, companies can expect to be held accountable for sustainability progress in this area by a variety of stakeholders, including investors and ESG raters and rankers. Which is why on Thursday, 6th May we held a webinar on Worker Health & Wellbeing: A Material Sustainability Issue for Business.

With thanks to our Panelists: Alison Omens, Chief Strategy Officer, Just Capital; Cathryn Gunter, Global Head of Associate Health and Wellbeing, Mars Corporation; Deborah Bae, Deputy Director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Kelly McCain, Health Lead, World Economic Forum moderated by Piya Baptista, Associate Director, Corporate Citizenship for sharing why companies should understand the social determinants of health

This webinar explored health and well-being as a critical sustainability issue that requires a cross-departmental approach within companies.

Source: CC Social Impact Feed

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