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20 June 2022 – World Refugee Day

On the 20th of June, the world celebrated UN World Refugee Day.

27 million people are currently forced to flee their country in pursuit of safety.

Because of the Ukraine war, people are more concerned about refugees. Companies have quickly condemned the actions of Russia and supported people in Ukraine. Immediately, you can donate money or provide in-kind support. Industries such as airlines, transport, hospitality etc., offer services or products to those affected.

On average, refugees spend at least 17 years unable to return to their home country. Leaving behind their homes, refugees need to rebuild their lives. Businesses can provide support and opportunities.  Refugees need access to skills and labour. They can fill vacant positions. They can grow new markets. They can establish diverse workforces.

Some great examples of this in action can be seen across the Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) network where companies are providing long-term opportunities to integrate refugees into their refuge countries:

  • EDP: created job opportunities and local language classes for Ukrainian refugees seeking employment.
  • BBVA: offers free Basic Payment Accounts, to provide Ukraine Refugees with a Euro-based payment system. Additionally, they provide a welcome guide pack where refugees can find the information needed to integrate into Spain.
  • Liberty Global: Offers an accelerated recruitment process for people fleeing Ukraine. Where successful, candidates and their families are provided with relocation support and visa or work permit assistance.

The Ukraine crisis will not be the last.

With rising conflict. With climate change. There will be more refugees

Be prepared. Be ready to act. You can help refugees and refugees can help you.

The B4SI team has published ‘Emergency Response Guidance’ to help businesses focus on strategic, holistic, long-term responses to any significant crisis arising and available to all members of the B4SI network. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss your strategy further.

Source: CC Social Impact Feed

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