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B4SI’s Mid-Year Event 2022: Social Partnerships as a catalyst for Climate Action

On June 14th we hosted our annual Mid-Year Event’ titled ‘Social Partnerships as a catalyst for Climate Action’. We heard from a variety of B4SI members (mention members and partners) and their partners on the effective and strong relationships between Social and Environmental partnerships. We are thrilled to share the insights gathered from our event.

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Building on our discussions from the Mid-Year Event, and using insights gained from our Environmental colleagues at Corporate Citizenship, we also produced a (remove) Guidance on Navigating Environmental Concepts for Social Action Practitioners. This document elaborates on key sustainability concepts, frameworks, and common acronyms to help our members navigate the environmental landscape. This resource is exclusively available to B4SI members. Contact your Account Manager if you would like to get access to it.

Source: CC Social Impact Feed

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