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In Conversation with Simon Robinson, B4SI APAC Director

Tell us a little bit about your role. 

I lead the delivery of B4SI across the Asia Pacific region. We are currently a team of three – but on the lookout for a Social Impact Manager to be based out of Singapore – so if you’re reading this and are keen to join us, get in touch 

I oversee all aspects of the B4SI client delivery and business development in this region. I am also responsible for day-to-day team operations and contributing to the global strategic direction, working closely with our B4SI Global Director Clodagh Connolly.  

My team and I work alongside global colleagues in the EMEA, North and Latin America regions to ensure the B4SI framework remains relevant into the future and to provide a high level of service to a rapidly growing network of global companies.   

What or who inspires you in your day-to-day work in the social investment/ impact space? 

I am inspired by the social impact professionals I meet through the work I do day to day. I get to interact with the people behind the businesses that are committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. These people are not afraid to lean into and acknowledge any gaps and opportunities and they genuinely want to do better and focus on continuous improvements, which I find inspiring and motivating.  

The energy and enthusiasm of the global B4SI team is also a source of inspiration for me; we are a team focused on supporting companies on their social impact journeys through the use of our framework and supporting resources. Our team have been collaborating on some exciting new developments to come for B4SI members – it’s such a thrilling time to be working in this area of business and to do it with such a committed and driven team, is an added benefit.   

If granted one “business for societal impact” wish, I would wish for…  

My wish would be for more companies to properly resource their social impact teams.  

Whilst the ‘S’ of ESG becomes ever more important, I see many professionals striving hard to consider their impact but are so often hampered by a lack of resources to do the work that is needed. The frequent result is that a company gets ‘stuck’ on input measurement and don’t reach the goal to measure impact.  

Making a positive social impact isn’t a quick fix and has to be worked on consistently over time.  

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the B4SI network of companies and practitioners? 

B4SI has been leading the business community on this journey to greater societal impact for close to three decades; so, it’s fair to say, we’re here for the long haul! To make a truly meaningful and measurable social impact, it takes time and effort, but it’s worth it when you can see the changes taking place in the lives of people and across communities.  

We want to support, help, and inspire more and more companies to go on this worthwhile journey towards making a real social impact. The work we do in partnership with business is not a quick fix so I would encourage anyone reading this to stay focused on the end game of improving your business’ positive societal impact. 

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