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My role is Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager for The Human Safety Net Foundation, the flagship initiatives of Assicurazioni Generali. As part of my core responsibilities, I work closely with our 61 partners in 24 Countries to measure and learn from the social impact generated by their programs. As part of my work with the Generali Group, I also collect data from all business units to capture charitable contributions and sponsorships in a unified platform. I have found that greater use of the B4SI manual serves a dual purpose of standardized reporting but also as a source of inspiration of new areas of work, for example in social insurance products or social impact investing.

A recent success story that comes to mind is how social impact investing is building a bridge between Generali’s customers and the most vulnerable members of their communities. As of 2021, customers in France can opt in to the GF Ambition Solidaire fund, included in most life insurance contracts. This fund then goes on to support social enterprises that are creating both a social and an economic return through their activities. The Human Safety Net Foundation works with many social enterprises in France, and one of these, Each One, was selected to receive a significant investment from the fund to support their work in training and hiring of refugees. The Foundation’s prior financial investments in Each One allowed it to grow, expand and demonstrate their social impact, preparing them for this important next step to scale their impact with the social impact investing fund. For more information:  https://www.thehumansafetynet.org/stories-and-news/news/all/2022/building-a-bridge-between-our-customers-and-the-most-vulnerable-ones-in-our-communities

The timely release of the B4SI guidelines for measuring and reporting on emergency response gave important strategic direction to respond in a coordinated way making best use of existing partnerships and Generali staff on the ground in bordering countries to maximise our social impact. In March 2022, Assicurazioni Generali responded to the developing story regarding the crisis in Ukraine, but making an immediate donation to UNHCR of one million euros for lifesaving interventions. As a next step, Generali worked through the Human Safety Net Foundation to set up a fundraising campaign among employees across five countries, which was matched by the Group, for a donation totalling over a million euros to an existing partner of the Foundation, UNICEF. Finally, The Human Safety Net’s wider network of mostly small to medium-sized NGO partners in Europe have also responded by integrating new refugees from Ukraine in their programmes for families in parenting support or for refugees in socio-economic inclusion. For more information: https://www.generali.com/media/News/Generali-and-The-Human-Safety-Net-for-Ukraine

For more information about Assicurazioni Generali and The Human Safety Net Foundation:  Generali’s strategic plan “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth’ places sustainability as the originator  with four pillars of ESG commitments to be a (1) responsible insurer, (2) a responsible investor, (3) a responsible employer, and (4) a responsible player. The corporate citizenship strategy falls in the responsible player pillar and indicates a commitment to be a driving force in transforming the lives of the most vulnerable communities by activating a global movement. Since 2017, Generali has concentrated its activities as a responsible player under the flagship project, The Human Safety Net. The activities of the Foundation is to extend Generali’s purpose of ‘enabling people to shape a safer and more sustainable future by caring for their lives and dreams’ from its customers to the communities where they live. The two programmes of the Foundation (Families and Refugees) share the purpose to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances, so that they can transform the lives of their families and their communities.


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