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B4SI, Hang Lung & Dream Impact event in Hong Kong 

On 6th September, the B4SI team participated in a collaborative event in Hong Kong involving B4SI member Hang Lung Properties and social enterprise incubator Dream Impact. The event saw participation from major corporations, including B4SI members, Manulife and UBS.

Participants were invited to contribute their knowledge and experience to this exclusive roundtable discussion on the central theme of ‘the importance of impact measurement’. The discussion included a wide-ranging conversation on social impact measurement, its role in corporate decision making, the opportunities for improvement, best practice and more.

Central to the discussion on the day was the imperative nature of accurate impact measurement as a cornerstone of a robust ESG strategy, and the consensus stressed the importance of measuring impact from the outset of a program and using metrics to assess project impact. The conversation also highlighted the need to balance internal and external social aspects in ESG, including employee well-being, and the importance of combining qualitative and quantitative data for holistic impact assessment. B4SI members have access to expert support and guidance in applying the impact measurement methodology and tools, available to corporates within the network. If you’d like to learn more about the methodology and the member exclusive resources, reach out to a B4SI team member for a further discussion. 

These insightful dialogues are one way in which the B4SI and its partners create a space for shared learning towards more positive, collective social impact outcomes. As we plan the B4SI program for 2024, if you would like the opportunity to host a B4SI networking event, or a sector /regional convening in the APAC region, please get in touch with the B4SI team.

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