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Fujitsu: Embracing impact measurement 

Fujitsu, a global leader in technology and business solutions, was established in 1935 and operates across four business segments: service solutions, hardware solutions, ubiquitous solutions, and device solutions. Our organisation has a long heritage of bringing innovation and expertise to society and customers. Fujitsu Global (operating from Tokyo, Japan) became part of the B4SI network in January 2023, joining our colleagues from the Fujitsu ANZ team, who have been part of the membership since 2019. 

Our objective for joining the network was to access the many social impact tools, resources, and expertise, especially for impact measurement, to support our goal to improve impact measurement across our community investment portfolio and to enhance our standard of reporting.   

Our team keenly approached the steps advocated by B4SI to lay the foundations to effectively measure the impact of our voluntary community contributions. Following our ‘B4SI Getting Started’ workshop (which all new members are invited to participate in), we explored the various components within the B4SI Impact Toolkit, beginning with the ‘project assessment sheet’ which we invited a key not-for-profit partner Chamos, who support children in Venezuela, to collaborate with us on completing. We ran this activity as a trial to discover our gaps and opportunities for impact measurement and consequently, more effective community partnering.  

In following the process retrospectively (to a pre-existing partnership), we learned some valuable lessons about the importance of considering the change our organisation would like to be a part of and considering the societal impact, building relevant impact indicators into partnership agreements from the outset. Whilst it’s beneficial and often optimal to do this work before the establishment of partnership agreements, we were still able to take the many learnings gained through our retrospective application and as a team we came away with a list of actions. It sparked a more fundamental question about our program goals, what we are seeking to achieve and whether we were taking action in the right direction. It’s been a valuable process so far, and we look forward to continuing our engagement with the B4SI network and maximising the many resources available to us through the membership.   

  • Yuwa Arimoto, Strategic Community Investment Associate, Fujitsu 

Fujitsu is a global leader in technology and business solutions 

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