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B4SI Annual Review 2023

We are pleased to share the B4SI Annual Review 2023 which provides an insight on the successes of the global B4SI network, a network that is ‘Driving Social Impact through Global Measurement’.

Plan, Implement, Measure, Report & Engage; these are the four key pillars B4SI uses to guide companies on their social impact journey. The pillars act as a framework for the B4SI Annual Review 2023— to demonstrate how B4SI supports businesses with the development, execution, evaluation, and communication of their social impact. Within each pillar, readers will find impact stories from businesses across the globe.

In the past year, B4SI has supported its growing network of businesses to navigate the challenging world of social impact, providing access to globally-accepted and peer-reviewed methodologies, guidance, knowledge, and tools to meet current business goals and ensure member companies stay ahead of the fast-evolving future.

Download the report to learn more about our work in 2023, and to get a first look at the 2023 Global Benchmark Highlights – demonstrating how the network contributed to society between 2022 and 2023.

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