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Navigating Social Impact Wonderland

*Image from Tulgey Wood pictures – Alice-in-Wonderland.net

“Alice in Wonderland” tells the story of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantastical world. Alice encounters a series of whimsical characters and navigates a series of confusing and often contradictory events that challenge her perception of reality. As a social impact practitioner do you ever feel a bit like Alice? Sometimes feeling lost in a confusing and ever-changing world being torn between meeting community needs and the needs of the business. Being mindful of ‘social washing’ yet stakeholders want to see more resulting from our efforts, employees want more opportunities to engage yet how do we keep track? Such dilemmas and many others can keep social impact practitioners awake at night.

We’re in the world of social impact because we want to make things better. Its only natural that we strive to that end but with such a shifting landscape this is a constant challenge. We’re kept so busy developing and delivering our programs but we know there is more potential. If only we could get everyone pulling together? If only we knew what to fix first? If only we had more resources? Help is at hand with the Social Impact Compass

Drawing from B4SI’s 30 years of heritage the Social Impact Compass will assess the maturity of your social impact strategy, bring structure to the ‘S’ in ESG and access actionable guidance to determine the next steps. It shows the business exactly what needs to be fixed first. It aligns the business to focus on creating measurable change and equips you with powerful tools for sharing internally, providing a clear and concise depiction of your strengths and opportunities easily understood to secure buy in from decision makers depicting clearly the business case for investment.

As Alice wanders through Wonderland she grows in wisdom and maturity and finally awakens from what turned out to be a dream. Your world is reality, and the Social Impact Compass can guide you successfully through your own Wonderland to deliver better managed and measurable Social Impact. Who wouldn’t want that?

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